Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I had a brainwave last week when I was thinking about my project and it made me really excited to get started on making a difference. I was trying to think of a name for my "organization" with little success. I really wanted something that is eye catching and interesting and I just couldn't think of anything. Then it hit me. Girl Guides for Change. It's simple and easy and applies to anyone who wants to join the movement. I want to make a website or something to launch the crest program and badges. We will see what happens but it is all very inspiring. I hope to have everything done by mid August so stay tuned!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update on the goals.

Holy Smokes! Where have the last six weeks gone? I kept thinking to myself I have to do an update on my blog and I guess I never did it. I apologize from the bottom of my heart and I will work so hard on updating more often. A friend of mine visiting from the UK was asking about my projects a few nights ago and I was kind of embarrassed by my lack of action. I have what I like to call "so many thoughts and not enough time to act on all of them." I know it is a terrible excuse, but I am hoping that I can work harder from now on and accomplish all of my goals set out at the beginning of the year and my future goals. I just want to take a look back at my resolutions for 2011 and talk about what I have done so far.
1) Create a presentation that I can give to Girl Guides, the general public, and family and friends.
 I have created a presentation that I have used for various audiences, but I am still looking at creating a program for different ages of Girl Guides and the general public. I hope that my social media outlets will help with this to make it more accessible and engaging.

2) Give at least 5 of these presentations within the year.
I have done this! I have given four unofficial presentations and one very official one for Provincial Council. I have also accepted the position of my area's co-International Adviser and I will be given many more options to speak out with this position. I am lined up to do a few more presentations before the year is out so that is great as well! 

3) Create a five year plan for what I want to accomplish and who I want to help.
I am still working on this one. This is where I feel I have not been very successful. My goal is to present my five year plan by September 1, 2011 and be fully committed to achieving the goals on the plan.

4) Have fun with and learn a lot from others who have the same goals as me.
I am still in contact with a few members in other organizations, but I wish that I was more involved. I will make an effort to talk with other YWWF2010 delegates and hopefully we can be supported by each other.

5) Update this blog at least once a week to record my progress and keep others updated on how I am doing.
           Well... this has been difficult and I have said that I will work on updating regularly. I also want to create an archive of all of my "inspiration of the weeks" so I do not lose track of what I have said already and so people who are new to the site can see them.

That is all I have for right now and I vow to be better at updating.
Thanks for listening,