Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year in Review

This has been a big year for me personally and with Girl Guides and I think it is important to take a look back on everything that was accomplished this year so hear it is... a year in review!

JANUARY: Very busy with personal stuff (way too many trips to the hospital in my family) and Sparks which started off with a bang and a beach party! They were an awesome group of kids!


FEBRUARY: I think the highlight of this month was hearing two of my heroes Dr. Roberta Bondar and L. Gen Romeo Dallaire speak at Teachers Convention. They are rock stars in my mind and I was so inspired and in awe of what these two amazing people have done.  

MARCH: Alberta Girls' Parliament was a major part of March and it was a ton of fun! The planning is underway for the next session which is a lot of fun and I hope that many of the girls who came last year will come again in 2013.

APRIL: I finished my student teaching at the end of April and I was so proud of myself for doing well in practicum. I had an awesome class and was so lucky to have such a supportive school and mentor teacher.

MAY: May was a big one because I went to my favourite place on Earth and my sister left for her summer at Our Chalet. I started off the month in Disneyland which was an incredible way to celebrate finishing school because it seriously is the happiest place on earth! The next week Heather left for Our Chalet, which was big for our whole family- especially for her.

JUNE: Graduated from university with a Bachelor's Degree in Education! This was a big deal for me because I have wanted to be a teacher for pretty much my entire life and I finally got what I needed to reach my goal
JULY: Hmm.. what can I say about July, nothing too major happened. JUST KIDDING! The Girls' World Forum in Chicago was probably one of the biggest highlights of the year personally and in Guiding. It was an amazing time and I learned so much- plus it really boosted my enthusiasm for my projects.

AUGUST: I was still on a bit of a high from the Forum in August so I really got the ball rolling with project ideas and getting more involved. I did a bit of camping with friends and family and just got some time to relax which was great. I also accompanied my mom's Extra Ops group on their last hurrah trip to celebrate finishing the girl program in Guiding.

SEPTEMBER: I started substitute teaching which is amazing! I love being with the kids everyday and as much as I would love to have my own classroom I love subbing and seeing a bunch of different ways to teach, set up a classroom and interact with new people everyday. Plus I am one step closer to being a classroom teacher which is awesome!

OCTOBER: The major thing I can think of for this month was the Camping Adviser Workshop and getting baby Louis the kitten. He is so awesome and adorable with a very unique personality. He just has a way of making me smile and I love it. Here is a picture of him now- he thinks he is a parrot. :)

NOVEMBER: I had the very first official Girl Guides for Change event! It was a film screening for the documentary called Miss Representation which I have talked about several times on this blog, but I loved hearing what Pathfinders and Rangers thought about it and the topics within it.

DECEMBER: The world didn't end, HOORAY! :) The last month of the year was crazy with Christmas,
school finishing up, and also getting everything sorted out and planned for the Sparks Friendship camp I am heading in February. I will definitely have something on here about that as the planning continues- it is a big job! The theme is shown in the picture below.. I AM SO EXCITED!! 

I know I have mentioned most of these things in previous blog posts but they really were highlights in my year. Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of my starting this blog which is pretty cool so I thought I would share my stats so far:
57 Posts
8 followers (THANK YOU!)

2450 visits onto the blog

I hope that these will double by this time next year- that would make me really happy and make me feel like I am actually making a difference.

I am going to end this extremely long post by wishing you all a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2013!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tragedy in Connecticut

Sorry I have been a bit MIA lately- it has been a busy time for me personally and with work. This will be a pretty short post but I just had to get my thoughts out "on paper."
I am sure by now everyone knows about the school shooting in Newtown, CT that happened on Friday December 14. I am disgusted, horrified, and incredibly heartbroken by the whole situation and I have thought a lot this weekend about the children, teachers, parents, and the community as a whole who were effected by this tragedy and especially the twenty seven souls who lost their lives. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I cannot even imagine the pain and deep sadness they are feeling in a time that is supposed to be full of joy and togetherness.
As a teacher a school shooting is one of my biggest fears because it is my job to keep my students safe when they are at school. A school should be the safest place for a child to be, a place where they are loved, cared for, and protected- something that some children do not get anywhere else. To be put into a situation like in Newtown where kids no older than 7 are shot and killed in their safe place makes me sick. The thing that makes it even worse is that this happens way more than it should around the world. If you watch the news or read the newspaper you will see that practically every day there is violence towards innocent people. Whether it is men, women, or children it happens and it is not okay. I don't have all of the answers, I don't even know all of the questions but what I do know is that I am not proud to be part of a society where people are shot and killed on a daily basis. Even if mankind has done amazing things like go to space, cure diseases, write music, and explore the depths of the ocean I am not proud that our most precious and vulnerable members, our children, experience violence on such a grand scale. Something needs to happen to stop this, so parents do not have to bury their babies. Whether it is in Canada, Syria, China, or the United States violence is never okay.
Sorry if this is all rambly and ranty, but I feel a lot better now that I can express my thoughts on such a horrible event.
"May the Lord bless you, and keep thee;
May the Lord make his face shine to upon you, and be gracious to you;
May the Lord turn his countenance to you and grant you peace."