Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How Canada Came to Be

I attended the Provincial Arts Camp and took a lot of pictures! I thought I would share some of my favourites with you! Enjoy!
 The camp started right away with some tie dye... to see how mine turned out stay tuned!
 Yummy cookies made by Cookie!
Yoga was offered every other morning, I think the girls who went really enjoyed it!
 My beautiful duty chart! I was very pleased with myself :)
 The campers are very focused on learning their lines for the play.
This origami lantern took sooo long to do but I was pleased with myself for completing it.
 The wild raspberries are starting to come out!
Another great tie dye job
 This shirt was so colourful!
This is my t-shirt, it turned out okay.
 This looked like a galaxy shirt to me- it looks so cool!
Another cool one!
One more really cool shirt!
 The result of rinsing out my shirt... my hands were blue for about three days!
It was like a Chinese laundry of tie dye shirts! 

Painting on canvas, it was cool to see what the girls came up with.
 My painting...
 There was a quote/inspiration wall set up of sorts the girls could add to as the week went on.
 My contribution to the quote wall.
 Cookie's amazing rainbow cake!
 The water was cold... the girls were a little hesitant to get in, but they did eventually!
 I love this picture! These two easily became the best of friends at camp.
Swimming at the lake!
 There were so many duck families out on the lake and they were even battling... it was a bit scary but all the little duckies were okay!
 The little baby ducks were so cute!
Heather the lifeguard and I hanging out during quiet time.
 The Lewis patrol! What a great group of girls!
A local radio station has a thing every summer called the Trucksicle that travels around giving out free popsicles. One of the leaders texted in to see if they would come out to camp and they did!Captain Jeff has no idea what is coming up that hill... 65 excited Girl Guides!
 You would think the girls had never had a popsicle before... they were so excited!
 The Trucksicle came at the PERFECT time!!
 All ready for the first full run through of the play.
 This is the finale of their play, a very patriotic O Canada!
 More swimming in the sun! The girls were definitely more into it the second time around!
 Does anyone know what this is? It is on one of the jugs that sat at the bottom of the lake for three days holding the rope. I am very interested to find out!
 Butterfly out by the lake
Cookie aka the best cook ever! wanted to make sure that the girls' hands were clean so he dolloped whipped cream all over them! On their hands, arms, elbows... it was awesome!
 Yummy ice cream sundae- you can never have too many sprinkles! :)
 The Chapel at Tangletrees is my second favourite place in the entire world (1st is Disneyland) and I thought it was perfect to have Guides Own up there. The girls were quite reflective and relaxed- the best way to be at camp!
 Guides Own up at the Chapel
 My favourite time of day at camp, campfire! We finished our last night with a formal campfire, the girls had fun and I loved hearing 65 voices sing On My Honour (chills!)
I always love the look of all the packed luggage at the end of camp... is that weird?
Thanks for taking a look at this long post! I have some pretty cool stuff coming up soon so stay tuned!  


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Archives Adventures!

A few days ago the Provincial Guide office had all of their archived materials out for the public to see. Since I am both a Girl Guide and history buff I had to go! The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but I thought it would be cool to share some of the old uniforms, badges, and cookie boxes with you! Does anyone remember any of these things? Let me know!
 Guide Uniform 1925-1935 and Leader Uniform from 1964-1970
 Ranger Uniform 1976-1988
 Guide Uniform 1988-2002 (I had this uniform in the pants and striped shirt version)
Brownie Uniform 1972-1979
 Guide Uniform 1950-1963 (I think, I can't read the tag...)
 Awards, Certificates and Badges
 Leader Uniform 1987-present and Commissioner's Uniform 1925-1950's
Old Certificates
 Flag Toppers
 Cookie Boxes (hopefully the cookies aren't in there!)
More cookies
My favourite part, the AGP table! I had never seen the original mace so I thought that was really cool!
 Comparison of the two maces
And again...
 Original proclamation to start AGP
 Whistles, pens, and booklets oh my!
There were a few girls there to model some of the uniforms, it was cool to see them in real life!