Monday, November 18, 2013

Make it Monday: Tin Can Lanterns

At Guide Camp a few weeks ago we made these really cool lanterns that are quite easy and have excellent results- it is kind of hard to mess up so I thought- it is a perfect craft for a Make It Monday!
All you need is a tin can, nail, hammer, and a sharpie to make this lantern! Let's get started.
The most important thing about this craft is that you fill it with water and freeze it so that when you are pounding a nail into it it does not collapse on itself. Do not forget this step!!

Because I am a very detail and plan oriented person I wanted to plan out exactly what I was going to do on my tin can before I started banging holes in it. I used a sharpie to outline what I wanted to design on my lantern. My Guiding name is Starshine so I wanted to go with a star theme...

Once everything was planned out I got started punching holes into the tin can. I was wearing gloves for a few reasons, first it is the end of October and second the frozen can was really cold!  
Here is one of my designs so far. I am actually happy with how this craft turned out so hooray!
When you have finished creating your design  put the can upside down so the ice can melt. Here are all of the lanterns together!
Here is my completed lantern. I think it turned out really well and I love that the candlelight goes through the lantern and spreads the light in the designs. I love it!
If you put a whole bunch of lanterns together in a trefoil it makes for lovely pictures!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

October in Review!

 October was another busy month for me. (Is there ever not a busy month!?) I started it off with a visit to one of the Guide units in my district. I went to camp with them later on in the month and they wanted me to come to show them how to make a bedroll. I was very impressed by the girls, they did an awesome job! If you need to do a bedroll and are not sure how, you can watch this video!  

I attended the Commissioners Conference in Red Deer and it was a lot of fun. I am a deputy district commissioner so I found a lot of the information very helpful and I got to meet a number of other commissioners from around the province. The event was mostly training sessions so I did not take too many pictures, but I did take a few!
This is a picture from one of the training sessions I did. It is what my group decided a good commissioner should look like. Compassionate, a good listener, connected through technology, etc. It was interesting to see what we came up with and how similar the drawings were to each other.

The theme of the weekend was a "sleuthing out the answers" sort of thing- kind of a mix of CSI and James Bond. The Saturday evening activities included playing Clue (one of my favourite board games), jelly bean taste tests, and even a surprise visit from an "agent." It was a lot of fun to just hang out and relax playing games and getting to know other sisters in Guiding.
I attended a Sparks unit enrolment ceremony as well in October. It was the unit I was in last year so I was happy to see the girls who are now second years and the new girls to the unit as well. Each girl being enrolled got a flower from a returning Spark- it was a very sweet ceremony and I was so happy I got to go!

I saw this rock outside of the Guide House before one of my meetings and I was excited to take a picture of it to celebrate Alberta Girl Guides 100th Birthday!
I finished off my month at another Guide Camp! It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing the seasons change from fall to winter overnight. I made a full post about this camp here.

Thanks for reading! So begins the winter...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Guide Camp 2.0!

I was asked to come to camp with a group of Guides at the end of October so of course I had to go! I went to their unit a few weeks earlier to teach them how to do a bed roll so I was very impressed to see how well prepared they came to camp!

The sunrise in the morning was absolutely beautiful! It was an excellent start to what was going to be a great day!
We brought tents so the girls could practice setting them up before they actually have to use them in the spring at district camp. It was quite an experience to watch them try and figure out where the poles go and what to do with the pegs... I quite enjoyed it!
We did a really cool craft in the afternoon that was a part of their surprise enrolment in the evening. I will have a full blog post up on it soon so stay tuned!
The fire looked so cool in the evening
I decided to be kind of fancy and make a trefoil out of all of the lanterns the girls made and it looked so nice. I loved being outside by myself setting this up and taking pictures. It was a nice way to end Saturday night.

Here is my lantern, I was really proud of it and I think it turned out really well!
This is a genius thing that is a s'mores ice cream cone. It is delicious and it isn't messy which I think is a definite bonus! It is a sugar cone with marshmallows, caramel sauce, and chocolate and it is very tasty!
We woke up to a winter surprise! I guess it is October in Alberta so what can you expect! :)
 Camp is so beautiful in all seasons! It is crazy to think that just the day before it was autumn!
Here is the tree shot that I was talking about in my other Guide camp post... maybe I will compile them all and post them!
And so begins the many artsy-fartsy pictures of winter!

Thanks to the Guides for letting me come to camp with you and I hope I get to do it again!