Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 2013

 It is hard to believe that it is already December! This year has been so crazy- so many unexpected things have happened and even though it has been wild, it has been a lot of fun. :) I really only had one Guiding event in December, our camping advisers meeting where we had a few crafts and a potluck and the coolest kind of Christmas gift exchange I have ever done!

These adorable ornaments needed a bottle cap, a few snowflake cut outs and scrapbook paper, a few beads, a jingle bell, some adhesive, and glitter glue. It is pretty self explanatory to create, and they are so cute!
The gift exchange was my favourite part of the evening. We were asked to bring a toy that reminded us of our childhood. We passed the gifts around and as we opened them we shared the story behind why we chose that toy. It was so interesting to learn a bit more about my fellow sisters in Guiding and have fun while were doing it too!

I loved my Christmas decorations this year and could not resist to share a few pictures. :) I hope you had a splendid holiday season!
Well this is the last post of 2013- it has been a crazy year! Here is to all the best in 2014!

Monday, December 2, 2013

November in Review!

November was a month that zoomed by but was very busy at the same time! The biggest thing that happened to me was that I moved out of my childhood home and into my own place! I was certainly happy to have so many cookie cases on hand for the move! :)
I attended a Team Council meeting in November to go over the area budget, share what has been going on in the districts, and have a bit of fun too! We made these pretty ornaments by curling paper and putting into a clear glass ornament. A little bit of glitter glue was added to the outside for some sparkle and voila! A pretty ornament for the Christmas tree.
I went to the Festival of Trees with my sister at the end of the month and was happy to see that Girl Guides were participating in such a special event in my city.
This tree was sponsored by Girl Guides and it had a button theme, it was so cute! I loved all of the hand made ornaments and the charm the tree had among some of the other more extravagant trees.
There was also a Sparks' village in the Gingerbread house contest! They were so cute!
It is hard to believe there is only one month left of 2013! It has been a crazy year so far!