Friday, January 24, 2014

Sparks gone Wild!

I was lucky enough to go to the Zoo with a Sparks unit for a sleepover a few weeks ago! I have done this program before and I am always to proud of how well the Sparks do with the program. It can be kind of scary to see all of these new animals and touch them- they all did a fantastic job!
I took a lot of pictures (like always...) but I wanted to show just a few of them, mostly of the ADORABLE animals! Enjoy! :)
We got to visit a lot of "behind the scenes" areas of the zoo as part of the Being a Zookeeper area and one of the places was where birds like owls, parrots, and chickens lived. A lot of the animals are looked after but are not necessarily okay to be in the public (a parrot with a potty mouth for example) so they are housed here. The girls got to pet a chinchilla and a rooster and see some beautiful owls, one of which was named Errol, the loopy owl from Harry Potter.
 The next area of the zoo we saw was the Polar Extremes exhibit where the sea lions and seals live. They were adorable and even the zookeepers said that they are never as active as the night we saw them. The girls were full of giggles as the sea lions splashed and played in the water and the seal lounged on the ground. It was a lot of fun to see.

One of the neat things about sleeping over at the zoo is you get to see the nocturnal animals in action. We got to see the sloths "move around" and little armadillos scurry about. I got this cute picture of a sloth and the girls got to touch an armadillo. I was really proud to see the girls who were a little scared to touch its back do it with huge smiles. It was awesome!

We got to take a walk around the zoo at night and see the tigers, wolves, and a few other critters and I came across this bridge that was all lit up. I thought it was beautiful!

After an actually restful sleep (one of the best for a Girl Guide event) we got up bright and early and got to see some more cute critters. Look at this momma and baby, they were adorable!

These ducks are so cute! I love their bouffants. :)

I don't remember what this little guy was called but he was a little bit scary... or trying to be.

The Sparks loved watching the monkeys swing around and play together. There were a lot of squeals and giggles while we watched them.

This is Lucy the Elephant and she is adorable. (How many times have I said adorable in this post?) You can tell that all of her handlers love her so much and they were giving her enrichments when we saw her. How many people can say that they have seen an elephant kick their feet to Dancing Queen? This Sparks group and I can! It was the most precious thing I saw at the zoo.

We did another walk around the zoo in the day time and got to see river otters, take a visit to the lemur enclosure and see a few more creatures like the cutest arctic foxes!

The last animal that the Sparks got to play with was a little tortoise named Frodo. He was so sweet and he suited his name perfectly!
One of the majestic tigers we saw the night before. These animals are so big! I was really impressed with this picture too!
And a snake... I am not a huge fan of snakes, but this is a cool picture.
And that's that! Thanks Sparks for letting me join you on your wild adventure!