Thursday, March 20, 2014

Science Centre Sleepover!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go as an extra leader to a sleepover with two guide units and a pathfinder unit at the science centre! It was a lot of fun and I thought I would share a few pictures with you about my night. Enjoy!
Trying to get the attention of 55+ girls is quite a challenge, especially when they are so excited to get their sleepover started!
Just setting the table on fire with colourful flames... no big deal.
Actually it is a huge deal! You could have heard a pin drop while the girls were watching and participating in this science demonstration. Yay science!
The feature exhibit was all about animatronics and their use in film (aka the place in which Shannon geeks out over a burnt up parrot from Peter Pan and other cinematic wonders) there were trunks all around with different travel stickers and this one was my favourite. It is just so cool to see NeverEverEverLand on a London tube sign! Where can I get a ticket to there?
There was also this really cool Titanic one that I had to take a picture of. No Titanic animatronics though. :(
Warning! The next few pictures show leaders having fun! That can happen you know! All of the girls who were walking past us just shook their heads and looked very embarrassed (also known as Mission Accomplished!)
Heather being eaten by a codfish loving, clock ticking crocodile.
Here we are imitating the polar bear and yeti (?) in the background talking on an old Nokia phone. . Has anyone seen the movie these are from? I don't understand...
Another imitation- we should basically just get all the parts in the movies.
The good thing about going to the science centre when it is not open to the general public is that you can go in the discovery area if you are over the age of 8!
As you can see fun was had by leaders and girls alike. Their house turned out pretty cool!
The next morning the girls got to solve a crime in the forensics lab and play around with the lights and sirens on the police car.
To finish there was a snake. It was a pretty cool snake that a lot of the girls got to hold. Overall it was a great sleepover!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Make it Monday: Birthday Party in a Box!

This is a bit of a different kind of Make It Monday, instead of being a craft or a meal, this is a service project! A few years ago my area started doing something called Birthday Party in a Box. This service project is exactly as it sounds- everything you would need to throw a birthday party in a box that is donated to the Food Bank for a child who would need it. I love party supplies and I cannot imagine the look on a child's face when they got one of these to share with their friends and family. I just want to share the idea and show how I made mine.
I got everything in the box from Party City. I thought this theme was adorable and it is pretty general- not like Tinkerbell or Dora the Explorer which limits who would want the box.
Party City had a set of loot bag treats that I decided to get that included a little maze game, butterfly toy, ring, top, whistle, and glasses. I also decided to add a lollipop, temporary tattoos and a pencil. All in the theme of course! :)
I loved the side of the loot bags- it is so pretty!
Here are the tablecloths, cups, plates, and napkins.
I think it is nice to include a gift for the birthday child in the Birthday Party in a Box. The wrapping paper is amazing and I am so glad I have some left!
Whenever I am donating gifts to things like this or Santa's Anonymous I always give a journal. I have written in a journal for as long as I have been able to write and I think that writing can be very therapeutic, so I pass on the gift of writing to the kids who need it. I also loved this puzzle (how inspirational!) and a Littlest Pet Shop. Basically I chose the things I would have liked to receive. :)


What is a birthday party without a cake and candles?
I put a sign on the outside of the box just to make it a bit more special. I have used an apple box with a removable lid that you can wrap like a present before, but the Food Bank probably has to see what is inside so this is what it looks like!
Is this service project something you would do? It is certainly a lot of fun to do and it is an awesome idea! I will be doing this with my Guides in a few weeks too and will be happy to share what they bring as well. Overall this cost about $100, if you were to divide it up and put a box together as a unit it would be a very affordable project. I think it is totally worth it for the happiness you would bring to a child!
Thanks for reading!