Monday, April 21, 2014

Make it Mondays: Milk Carton Meals

Did you know you can cook an entire meal (dessert included) by lighting a milk carton on fire? Well you can! This Make it Monday is all about Milk Carton Meals!
I learned this method of cooking about 10 years ago at a camp training I went to and it has always been a success. Let me know if you try it out and enjoy!
The easiest meal to make with this is a hamburger bun pizza because all you are really doing is melting the cheese and heating it up.
Step One: Make a pizza on each half of a pizza bun. Remember the more toppings you have the longer it will take to heat up.
Step Two: Fold your hamburger bun into a sandwich and put it in the middle of the tinfoil.
Step Three: Wrap your pizza up in tinfoil so no inside bits are showing. It works best to have a layer of tinfoil, followed by a layer of damp newspaper so the tinfoil won't burn, and then another layer of tinfoil.
Chipmunks are on the menu for dessert. You need two two-bite brownies and some kind of mint chocolate candy like a peppermint patty.
Step Four: Squish them all together.
Step Five: Wrap them in tinfoil they way you did the pizzas.
Step Six: Put your tinfoil masterpieces in the bottom of a 2L milk carton. It has to be the paper ones- plastic (obviously) won't work!
Step Seven: Put your milk carton in a safe place like a snow bank (like we did) or a fire pit in the summer.
Step Seven: Light it on fire! It will only work if you light it from the very top of the carton.
Step Eight: Watch it burn!
Step Nine: When it is all burnt down and the fire is gone you can use some tongs to pick up your foil package. Dispose of any remaining milk carton.

Step Ten: Unwrap your foil package and enjoy!