Thursday, May 29, 2014

April Camps bring... May Camps!

In April I went to camp with my Guide unit. There was a ton of snow and it was a lot of fun! This was the first camp I had done with this unit and we had a great weekend together. 

The weather was almost eerie- the clouds were heavy and there was a ton of snow, but it wasn't too cold. 

The snow was at this weird consistency where it was solid on the top, but if you stepped on it you went right through. It made for an interesting hike. :) 

No trip to our campsite is complete without a quick trip to the lake. It was so beautiful to see the ice starting to melt on the lake. 

We tried one of my favourite camp cooking techniques- meal in a milk jug. See the whole blog post about it here.  

We had a pretty good spread for dinner; including bacon and eggs for dessert. See how to make this easy, but delicious treat here!

The girls (and I) had fun outside with glowsticks at night. I just love how these photos turned out! 

Almost all of the crafts we did at camp were traders for our upcoming district camp. I found all of these ideas on Pinterest and they all turned out so great. My favourite was definitely the turtle... so cute!

Even though the ground was covered in snow there were little signs of spring everywhere including this moss surrounded by snow. 

After a few weeks I couldn't wait to get back to camp! I love camping, it is the best part of Girl Guides and I look forward to all of the camps I get to do every year. I really enjoyed this camp because my co-leaders were my mom, sisters, and friend. We work really well together and "get" each other and what we need to do. This was not my unit camp so I got to spend time doing what I love- photography. Here are some of my favourites that embody the vibe of the camp!  

Monday, May 5, 2014

Make it Monday: Bacon and Eggs for Dessert

For this week's Make it Monday I thought it would fun to share a recipe with you. We did this at my last Guide camp and the girls really loved it. My mom did this with me when I was a Spark so it has been around for a long time.
This is a really easy dish to put together you only need the following ingredients: Halfed canned peaches, whipped cream in a can, and chocolate covered "fingers."
Step One: Put the peach (egg yolk) on a plate.
Step Two: Spray whipped cream (egg white) around the peach. I personally don't like whipped cream so I just have a yolk when I make this dessert.
Step Three: Put chocolate wafers (bacon) on the plate.
Step Four: Enjoy!

Again this is a really easy dessert that any branch can make and it is a fun twist on "breakfast for dinner"
I hope you enjoyed this Make it Monday, let me know if you used this recipe!