Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Visiting Our Cabaña for Day of the Dead!

This year our unit decided that we wanted to use a different take on learning about world Guiding and world cultures. We decided that we would celebrate a holiday at each World Centre and do activities from each of the countries. We started off with a "trip" to Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead. We also learned a lot about Our Cabaña like the origins of it, where it is, what you can do there, and the song. A lot of the girls finished the meeting by saying they would like to visit there someday so I say it was a success!

We coloured and cut out our own sugar skull masks to use at our Day of the Dead party- the girls loved using colours and designs to make their masks unique! 

My mask with the tissue paper marigolds on the altar. 

The girls loved dancing around with their masks- they somehow ended up in a conga line which was pretty funny! 

We played a game using pennies and a pencil with a piece of paper wrapped around it with instructions. You would spin the pencil and then follow what it says (for example take two, give all, take all, etc.) I guess it is a bit of a betting game but we had the girls return them when we were done so no gambling here. :) 

This is the most delicious bread ever! It is called Pan de Muertos or Dead Bread and we had it on our altar to share later on. You can find the recipe here.

Our completed altar with memories of loved ones we have lost, offerings of candies, flowers, and food, and candles. It was amazing to see how the girls responded to seeing it all put together, they were reverent, but also very happy about what they had created. 

Here are a few of the sugar skulls one of the girls made for our altar. 

Overall the Day of the Dead was a great success! The girls learned a lot and of course had a lot of fun!

One World Centre down- 3 to go!