Monday, January 4, 2016

Make it Monday: Snowman Candle Holder!

Happy New Year! This blog just turned five years old and although I have not always been consistent with posts (sorry!), I have really enjoyed writing and posting pictures on here! This year I hope I will be able to blog a lot more and I look forward to what is coming in 2016!

I think I have mentioned this before but I have been in Girl Guides for 20 years and I have done A LOT of crafts! In that time I have made so many things out of pipe cleaners and glitter glue that came home from my camp or meeting and went straight into the garbage. How many beaded butterflies do you need?! Anyways I have decided that the crafts I do (for the most part) with my Guides have to be: 1. Purposeful- the craft either taught something in the program or is functional
2. Aesthetically pleasing- who wants an ugly craft? 
and 3. are not made out of food- I will get into that another time. 

Keeping that criteria in mind we created these snowman lanterns at the last meeting of 2015. They were pretty straightforward to do and all of the girls (and their parents!) really liked how they turned out. I found this craft on Pinterest and I would highly recommend it as a wintery craft for Guides.

Glass vase with a slight rim on the top
Mod Podge
A foam brush
Epsom salts
Thin ribbon to make a scarf
Hot glue gun

Step One: Cover the vase with a pretty thick layer of Mod Podge and sprinkle the Epsom salts on the outside of the vase. This is VERY messy so I would highly recommend putting down newspaper to contain the mess. 

Step Two: Use a hot glue gun to attach a ribbon around the top of the vase and glue the buttons down the front.

Step Three: Put a flameless candle in the vase and enjoy your snowman candle holder! Overall this craft took about 45 minutes to complete. I couldn't decide which one to show you because they all turned out so well!  

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