Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dramatic Guide Meetings!

I have a very dramatic Guide unit. Not in the "they don't get along and cause a lot of problems" way, they are literally dramatic. They love putting on skits and plays and they would pick doing an improv game over any other activity 90% of the time. When the third year Guides said that they wanted to plan and run a meeting to complete the Performing Arts badge I thought, go for it!

 The third years decided that the unit would be divided into groups and plan, practice, and perform a skit with costumes and props. I had so many photos (as usual) of the meeting that I thought I would share them with you!  

This group was practicing being lost in the woods. 

Onto making masks, props, capes, and other costumes. I like that at the Guide level I can just put out the box of stuff and they just run with it! 

Another part of the badge is face painting, they went to town on this and I was actually pretty impressed with how realistic some of their face paint was!

This was definitely one of the more creative costumes from the meeting. She is dressed as a tree for the Lost in the Woods skit. I couldn't help but say, "I am Groot!" 

Note the dead bird on the tree branch...

The Superhero Skit was semi-improvised and I was pulled into an interrogation room demanding to know why I destroyed 500 cases of Girl Guide Cookies... It was a lot of fun and (un)fortunately it is all on video. 

The final product of the Lost in the Woods skit. 

I am so impressed by my group this year and I love being able to hand over the reins and let them lead activities at meetings. I hope that by letting them have the control of their own Guiding experience they will be confident, creative leaders in their lives. 

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  1. These girls are so lucky to have leaders that encourage their creativity.